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CO2 Refrigeration

CO2 is the oldest commercially successful refrigerant widely used in the industrial sector until the advent of CFC’s. It is now making a come back as the evangelical naturals community rate its environmental friendliness. It is popular in supermarket chains conscious of keeping a low carbon footprint. The technology is evolving but at present CO2 is more efficient below 21 degrees ambient Read More

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Propane Chillers

Propane has a long history as a natural refrigerant. We have just completed a gas leak for one of our customers. There was no refrigerant in the system on arrival- a leak on the discharge. With the fact that the refrigerant is flammable it is of significant importance to purge the system with oxygen free nitrogen before and during brazing. After the pressure test we started the evacuation process- a standard HFC vac pump is acceptable within the health and safety guide lines so long as it is switched on remotely. Re-charge and test operation- another good job by Maximus Chillers! Read more

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Data Centre Cooling

Let’s keep your computers nice and cool! On a recent job we had a controller fail on a down flow unit. We decided to fit a Carel controller and re-wire the machine because we are adept at controls retrofitting which is often cheaper than the manufacturers’ controller. The first step is to strip back the wiring and remove the controller. Next- fit the new controller and wire in the controller’s power supply, inputs and outputs. Switch it on and program the controller. Test operation- okay Read More