About Us

Maximus Chillers Ltd. is an established chiller service company with years of industry experience. We have grown exponentially as our engineers have worked for the top chiller companies. We provide the highest level of service at a reasonable price

Security Clearance
We are SC and vetted for sensitive Government and Military sites

UK Fleet
We have a fleet of Passat Estate company vehicles- mobile workshops. Each has custom rear suspension to carry the added weight of our equipment. Also, guards are fitted as standard to keep the equipment in the back. This means we can get anywhere in the UK with everything we need to get the job going. We are a chiller company that will get you up and running- fast!


Global Network of Customers

We fly out to our blue chip customers around the world. On each site we have a storeroom with hand tools, specialist equipment, refrigerant and parts

Flame/ Icicle
Flame/ Icicle

The flame/ icicle symbol signifies the removal of heat from one medium to another. The boarder around the name is the refrigeration cycle plotted on a pressure enthalpy diagram

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