Absorption Chillers

Absorption Chiller Maintenance

Decommissioning Absorption Chillers
Decommissioning Absorption Chillers

Absorption Chiller Repair

Gas Fired

Maximus Chillers work in the safe handling of ammonia, ammonia solution and lithium bromide in gas fired absorption chillers. We repair gas fired absorption chillers which are often used to feed air handlers

Ammonia Systems In this kind of system: water is the absorbent and ammonia is the refrigerant. Some of the ammonia is in the form of ammonia solution, also known as: ammonia water, ammoniacal liquor, aqueous ammonia and ammonium hydroxide. A lot of names for one substance!

Lithium Bromide Systems In this kind of system: lithium bromide is the absorbent and water is the refrigerant

Absorption Chiller Service

Steam fired

These absorption chillers are often used where there is a surplus of heat as a bi-product, such as, in a power station. We are experts on the service of absorption chillers


Steam heats lithium bromide/ water solution and causes it to separate. Water vapour passes into the condenser


Warm water vapour condenses into water on the cool tubes of the condenser. Water is the refrigerant. Heat from the generator and the process is rejected


The effect of water vapour absorbing in the absorber causes the evaporator to go into a vacuum. Water, at this low pressure, has a low boiling point. The refrigerant, which is now cold water, runs over the tubes and boils off absorbing latent heat from the process 


Water vapour absorbs back into the lithium bromide and the absorption chiller cycle begins again

Absorption Chiller Service
Absorption Chiller Service

Why Choose us?

Absorption chillers, known to engineers as absorbers, are a niche within a niche. We have the capability to maintain and repair these machines to beyond manufacturer recommendations


Case Study

On the quarterly absorption chiller service & maintenance at a power station, one of four systems was found to be in fault. As the systems cool equipment associated with producing electricity it was important to get it up and running. A relay was found to have blown in the panel. It was replaced with car stock. Another happy customer!

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