Ammonia Refrigeration

Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

During the design of the plant the required amount of cooling at a given temperature was worked out. This achieves the desired effect for your process. Weather that be food production or an industrial process we will keep you in seamless operation at all times

An Ammonia Refrigeration Kit

Maximus Chillers are experts in the field of industrial refrigeration. We have state of the art ammonia safety equipment. Each engineer attends site with an ammonia kit-bag

Breathing Aparatus

Ammonia grade breathing apparatus is provided, tested, certificated and fit tested to the individual engineer


Our engineers wear full length overalls to protect exposed skin against ammonia splashes. Ammonia grade gloves and fit tested goggles are worn routinely

NH3 Leak Detector

Each engineer has an electronic ammonia detector which alarms above the high level limit level, this warns the engineer he has reached his exposure time limit

Chemical Suits

Chemical suits are provided as part of the kit

Ammonia Warning Signs

Ammonia warning signs are provided to hang on the entrance and exit to the machine room. This is to warn other authorised engineers and the end user that the industrial refrigeration plant is being worked on

NH3 Kit Bag

Ammonia Systems

Due to the higher mass flow rate of the refrigerant, ammonia systems have float valves for refrigerant expansion. Thermostatic expansion valves are prone to wire drawing and premature failure

Countdown for R404a/ R422d Service Ban Above 40 Tonnes of CO2 Equivalent


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