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Data Centre Cooling

Chilled Water Systems and Downflow

02 June 2018

Large Data Centre Cooling The largest data centre cooling site we look after has 4 x water cooled centrifugal chillers on each corner of a

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Transcritical booster pack - CO2 Refrigeration

CO2 Refrigeration

11 October 2017

Widely used in the industrial sector until the arrival of CFC’s. The oldest commercially successful refrigerant. CO2 Refrigeration is now making a come back as

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EK Propane Chiller

Propane Chillers

11 October 2017

Propane has a long history as a natural refrigerant. We have just completed a gas leak for one of our customers. There was no refrigerant

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Industrial Refrigeration Chillers

Industrial Refrigeration

09 October 2017

Industrial Refrigeration Repairs We have recently carried out a compressor re-build for one our customers with an industrial refrigeration plant. A Grasso screw that required

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FAT test

Air and water cooled ammonia chillers

29 September 2017

Ammonia chillers by Maximus Chillers Maximus Chillers has years of industry experience with highly skilled engineers. We will guide you to guide you into the

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Centrif. maintenance and shaft seal replacement - Chiller repair

Centrifugal Chillers

09 September 2017

Centrifs don’t have as high a compression ratio as positive displacement compressors but they compress a lot higher volume of refrigerant. They are the choice

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