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Chiller Maintenance

Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance Bodger Watch

Most of our Industry is very good, but this is bodger watch!

We maintain the air cooled chillers in an office building. The customer told me there had been this guy who used to come who spent most of his time in the canteen- reading manuals on his lap top! Not even the manuals for that site either! You couldn't make it up could you? They said he used to fix everyone's bathrooms in the evening to make up his pay! This is bodger watch!

Glycol Chiller Maintenance

Our junior engineer rang me from a job the other week. Struggling to carry out glycol chiller maintenance. Get your refractometer out I said before you ring. We are teaching how to think for himself instead of just ringing everybody up. He came back with the result- too much glycol. The customer uses propylene even though the site is heavy industrial. This is because the price is narrowing between propylene and ethylene and propylene is not toxic

Customer Maintenance of Glycol in the Chiller

Maintenance of the chiller by the customer adding glycol is the usual course. It means their onsite chiller maintenance engineer can keep on top of things on site. This onsite chiller maintenance engineer was a little too keen though: he had been putting too much in

Glycol Removal to Maintain the Chiller

The glycol chiller maintenance was performed by telling my engineer to get half of it out into the empty drums that were still on site. The glycol can be used again in the future maintenance of the chilling plant. He then topped up the water system with water

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Clear Site

Last but not least all off our engineers give the machine a wipe down and the chiller location a sweep. Good house husbandry is a part of expert chiller maintenance

Chiller Service

Chiller Service Bodger Watch

The chiller service industry is a good industry, but this is the bodger watch series!

A new chiller service customer of ours was telling me about this little guy that used to come: running around like the apprentice- ringing everybody up! Then when help came, it came in the form of this huge big fat man who proceeded to get stuck in the chiller! You couldn't make it up! This is bodger watch! The customer needed some professional chilling plant service from Maximus Chillers

Repeated Leaks on Chilling Plant- needs Chiller Service

Our engineer found the head pressure control to bring the fans thumping on and off forwards and backwards. During a water chiller service visit the fans were found to be rattling the frame and juddering the chiller into leaks

Learning How to Think in Chiller Service

Instead of just swapping like for like parts. Our engineers have the chiller service capability to think outside the box and make changes to chiller design. Our ex-services engineers attend the Maximus School of Chillers at Head Office in Droylsden, Manchester. Read More on the About Us page

Chiller Fan Speed Controller Service

Maximus Chillers fitted off the shelf, Carel fan speed controllers from our stores, on a chilling plant service visit. We fitted one for each refrigeration system. These fan speed controllers are stand alone- they do not need to be integrated into existing chiller service controls. When the pressure builds up- the fan speed controller speeds the fans up from the minimum (cut in) to the maximum (same volts as the incoming supply)

Seamless Chiller Service

Now the fan speed controllers are fitted- there are no more leaks. Any chiller can be made to settle down into seamless operation. This is done through chiller service and chiller upgrade

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