Chiller Condenser Retrofitting

Chiller Condenser Retrofitting

Chiller Condenser Retrofitting

We recently undertook the job of having a bespoke 'V' chiller condenser retrofitted for a customer of ours in the North West

Rusted and Corroded Condenser

The old condenser looked alright on the surface- the fins were in good condition. The chiller condenser was 18 years old, however and when an attempt to repair a leak had been carried out- the condenser would leak further along. This is because of the warming rusted and corroded copper with an oxy-acetylene torch

Chiller Condenser Retrofitting

Our supplier arrived on site to measure up for the job. The ‘V’ chiller condenser being retrofitted was built to order. Exact replicas were made to the same specifications and sizes of the old ones. The operating pressures and high pressure cut out limit were taken into account in the design and the use of materials

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Lift Out of Chiller Condenser being Retrofitted

On the day of the lift and shift we isolated the panel and checked it was dead, then we removed the panel and laid it on it’s front. This was to access the rivets behind the panel. These rivets, the ones on the other end of the chiller and around the lid had to be ground off with an angle grinder. The fans were disconnected and removed to make the lid lighter to lift off. Then, we attached slings to the chiller condenser and lifted both halves of the 'V' out

Lift In of the Chiller Condenser being Retrofitted

This part we did not want to get wrong as the chiller condenser being retrofitted was brand new and did not have a mark on it. A reverse of the removal- it fitted perfectly just the same as the old one. With the lid lifted back on and the fans in- time for brazing then the pressure test

Pressure Test, Dehydration and Recharge

The pressure test was satisfactory so our engineer put the system on vac for dehydration purposes and the removal of non condensables. After a deep vacuum was achieved the system was recharged and run tested. No issues were found

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