Chilled Water Systems and Downflow

Data Centre Cooling

Chilled Water Systems and Downflow

Large Data Centre Cooling

The largest data centre cooling site we look after has 4 x water cooled centrifugal chillers on each corner of a very large computer room. The cooling of the condensers is achieved with an underground cooling lake. Easy access has been designed into the building to allow room to lift and shift the compressors for service and rebuilds. When one chiller fails the other chillers fill the gap and load up to satisfy demand. A chiller repair usually takes week when involving the compressor. Replacement parts are sourced from off-site warehouses. After the re-build, any issues are resolved so the machine so settles down into seamless operation

Medium Sized Data Centre Cooling

Our main data centre cooling sites usually have around 2 to 4 large air cooled chillers. N+1 so a redundant system is in standby for when a fault occurs. Customers who don’t have redundancy come in to find all their servers tripped out. Sometimes a few racks managing to hang on. Then every desk fan in the building next to propped open doors! We can work on the failed system while the redundant system keeps on cooling of the data centre. Contact us for fast reactive repairs of you chilling plant

Mezzanine Floor Data Centre Cooling

Mezzanine floors are used to blow cool air up through the racks allowing the warm air to rise out of the top and get sucked back into the top of the down flow unit. This cycle is an efficient way of moving the air around the data centre. Because of this it is also the most popular way to cool data centres. The condensate pumps are located underneath the unit. They pump out the condensation formed on the evaporators during operation. Access is achieved for chiller maintenance with the use of a suction clamp to lift the tiles


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