Industrial Refrigeration Service Visit

Service to Industrial Refrigeration Controller

Industrial Refrigeration Service Visit

Tick Sheet

The industrial refrigeration plant is inside a walk in room so some of it can be serviced in the dry, Good job because it is a bit of a rainy day- don't want to get the tick sheet wet

Chiller Controller

The controller for the industrial refrigeration plant has been problematic from when the chiller was first lifted in. It faults out regularly: reoccuring known faults known to the customer. Part of the problem are low load conditions. This causes the chiller to go into various alerts then it eventually trips out

Over Complicated Industrial Refrigeration Service

Another part of the problem are over complicated controls. I often think about the same industrial refrigeration machine in a critical process environment. This machine is bespoke so there will be a bog standard version as well. The controls on this version have too many sensors, generating too many faults. There is always something which trips it out when no fault as such is present. The controls themselves are a fault if they are problematic. Factory Managers don't like an industrial refrigeration plant tripping out and needing service all the time- they want the plant to just run seamlessly. This customer, however, has to pay for more parts and more industrial refrigeration service is to keep it running

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Handling the Ammonia Refrigerant

The chiller has a low refrigerant charge so a service visit has been arranged to handle the Ammonia. We have state of the art ammonia refrigerant handling units Read More but these are used when handling tonnes of ammonia refrigerant. This is just a small 200kw industrial refrigeration plant so we will be using a smaller ammonia refrigerant handling system

Oil Return

Due to the low refrigerant charge, the oil is migrating to the low side of the system. The oil will need to be manually recovered from various vessels following the ammonia oil recovery procedure

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