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Gas Charge 

Achieve optimum operational performance and energy efficiency with regular servicing from our highly trained engineers. System pressures & temperatures will be taken to work out Superheat and Subcooling

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Break Down


Chiller struggling to achieve set point? Showing error messages? Maximus Chillers can help! For chiller service: our engineers carry an extensive range of commonly used parts. Our fast supply chain offers same day delivery of most specialist parts and materials

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Tick Sheet

Tick Sheet  

Our service technician will carry out a detailed tick sheet and chiller inspection. If any issues are identified, a complete controls, component and refrigerant diagnosis will be carried out

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Chiller Maintenance Saves Money
Chiller Maintenance Saves Money

Chiller Maintenance

Our visits will save you money. With regular planned, preventative chiller maintenance our engineers will get your plant running better than when it came out of the factory!

Maintenance Schedule

Starting with he asset list (usually provided by the end user) we put together a maintenance schedule detailing the chiller maintenance we will carry out and how often

Live Electrical Testing

We are trained and certificated in live electrical testing end electrical fault finding. Risk assessment method statement is used to control the chiller maintenance risks. Rubber mats below panel are used as well as non conducting boots 

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Live Electrical Testing
Live Electrical Testing

Why Choose Us?

Chiller Maintenance Second to None

In a nut shell: we believe we provide the best chiller maintenance available for a reasonable price. So thinks Nathan Mellor, Technical Manager at Lancashire County Cricket Club: "We are impressed by Maximus Chillers having the technical ability expected from a chiller manufacturer- with less cost! For us they are win- win!" Have a look in our Testimonials to Read More

Chiller Maintenance Test Equipment

To carry out an effective chiller maintenance visit it is vital to have test equipment reading correctly. We have Fluke multimeters, insulation testers, digital thermometers with 'k' type thermocouples. We have calibrated HFC refrigerant gauges. We have calibrated NH3 personal alarms too. Wrong readings lead to confusion and mis diagnosis

An Engineer Round the Corner

With a network of engineers around the UK, one of our engineers is not far away. If the engineer who lives nearby is stuck on a job, we have nationwide relief engineers to fill in the gaps. Two of our engineers maintain our overseas chillers too. We are also deep level vetted and Security Cleared for sensitive Government and Military sites

Chiller Maintenance
Chiller Maintenance

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Case Study

We currently provide chiller maintenance, 3 visits a year on 4 air cooled chillers at a secure site. Our customer signed up to the 3 year contract as soon as the projects company had completed. They were eager to get us on board from the start as our reputation precedes us in the industry: to extend the life of chilled water systems. He was pleased with our smart, helpful engineer who went though the usual teething and adjustments of commissioning. These Included:

Tightening the Wiring

The commissioning is the most important day of the chillers life. Tightening the wiring today will ensure easier chiller maintenance in the future


The air bleed valve on the buffer vessel was found to be closed tight. It should be loose to let the air out. Opening this sorted out the problem


These can become blocked on fist start up as debris from the project is carried round to the strainer. We found a spanner but they were otherwise clean

Evaporator Curve

The evaporator regulators were adjusted to give the correct ΔP (difference in pressure) across the evaporator. With this value we worked out the flow rate using an evaporator curve. From there we worked out the COP (coefficient of performance) to be 4.2 a good read back 

100% Load

Our engineer then left the chiller off to let the water system build up to 22° and ran the chillers in anger for half an hour. The ΔT (difference in temperature) was good. The superheat and subcooling values were within operating limits with a clear sight glass. The oil return and compressor temperatures were good. The Italians make good chillers- we maintain them good!

Chiller Service


In a fridge system it is very important to know the superheat value of the low side of the system. During the chiller service we work out this value as part of giving your chiller a full health check



This is the value of the high side of the system. This value too is worked out during the chiller service to ensure the fridge system is running 100% efficiently

Chiller Service Faults

A lot of chiller faults can be serviced with the stock of parts and materials that the engineer carries in his car. While we are on the chiller service visit we don’t even put this through the books it is all part of the service. As far as we are concerned you are paying for us to be on site and we will do anything to improve the condition of your chiller. This is just part of the way we deal with the customer- you! If we can keep your costs down and keep you happy- that makes us happy!

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Evaporator Freeze-Up

The worst chiller service issue is an evaporator freeze-up. It can happen for a variety of reasons

What happens when the safeties fail?

The compressor carries on running. The evaporator turns into a solid block of ice. Ice has a larger size than water so as it expands, it buckles then bursts the evaporator. The compressor still carries on running. Refrigerant leaks into the water system until the pressure in the fridge system and the water system equalise. Then, water is sucked into the fridge system. It gets sucked into the compressor and round to the condenser. Compressors cannot compress a liquid so a compressor smash-up occurs

How do we service the chiller?

The compressor or compressors need to be re-built. The evaporator needs to have the burst tubes identified then plugged. The system needs to be dehydrated using a vacuum pump which takes several months. On a smaller chiller, the service costs outweigh a replacement- so the chiller is ruined

What can be done to prevent this?

Regular chiller service is essential to stop this happening and to prevent other small problems becoming big ones. If, however, your chiller does need a repair-  we at Maximus Chillers will get your chiller running better than when it came out of the factory!

Chiller Evaporator Maintenance
Chiller Evaporator Maintenance

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