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UK Climate

Maximus Chillers are a specialist air cooled chiller service company- national and global

Air cooled chillers in the picture left are particularly popular in the temperate UK climate and are easy to maintain. They get used in hot climates too as the cooling fans will still condense the refrigerant into a liquid. In warmer climates they are less efficient as the pressures and temperatures are higher, requiring more electricity and lowering the co-efficient of performance (COP) In the UK, because of the lower ambient, they are very effective in subcooling the refrigerant to below the saturation point

Condenser Coils

The condenser coils need to be brushed and chemical cleaned during the service & maintenance because the sucking action of the fan draws up dust on to the air cooled coil. Expansion related leaks can occur on the condenser- the industry is reducing chiller repairs with the increasing use of micro-channel condensers 

What We Offer

Keeping your air cooled chiller in seamless operation through quality repairs. Our service schedules will extend the life of your air cooled chiller for years. Even when parts are no longer available we can select different parts and make them fit Read More

Case Study

We have a customer with a chiller similar to the above picture. He was having repeated leaks on the discharge pipes. When we took over the job our plan was to fit vertical and horizontal anacondas. I don't know who first coined that expression, but it stuck! These are vibration eliminators that prevent vibration related leaks. Once fitted- there have been no problems since. Another happy customer!

Why Choose Us?

Less money- more service. We offer our services at a reasonable price. We bend over backwards for our customers as you are important to us. We don't tie ourselves up in red tape- we just get the job done. We will get your air cooled chiller running with the least amount of time and cost

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Whatever the issue we will resolve it- that is what we are good at! Give head office a bell on 0161 370 7193 to discuss your requirements

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