Packaged Chillers

Packaged Chiller
Packaged Chiller

Packaged Chiller Maintenance and Repair

This type of chiller is so described as all the components are put together in a package. We carry out service and maintenance to above manufacturer standards


Packaged chillers have a significant advantage over bespoke systems as the machine can be built and run tested in the factory prior to shipping. Any build quality issues, such as, leaks can be remedied without the added cost of doing this in the field


During the life of the chiller- repairs and maintenance are conveniently carried out by removing the panels and anti-bird guards (birds occasionally like to build a nest under the warm and dry 'V' condenser! Enough room around the chiller is available to get the compressors out when they fail

What We Offer

Packaged chiller repair, service and maintenance. Maximus Chillers are all you need for long efficient service of your packaged chillers

Case Study

A night club and music event in central London is having a hotel built on top of it without disturbing anything. We were asked to assess the lifespan of the current chiller. It is a Hitachi packaged chiller with a 20 to 30 year lifespan. It is only 6 years old so we have decided to jet wash it and use it in the new hotel

Why Choose Us

Better Service... Less Cost. Although your chilling plant account for a large part of your budget- it shouldn't account for most of it. Finding new ways to get your plant to be more reliable is what we do at Maximus Chillers. If you call us out less then the maintenance is working

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0161 327 2838 for an informal chat. Let's get an initial idea of your requirements to send an email. You can send pictures of the chillers and data plates in. We can get a quote together from there

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