Water Cooled Chillers

Water cooled chiller maintenance, servicing & repair

Water Cooled Chillers
Water Cooled Chillers

Water Tower

Water cooled chillers are not sensitive to ambient fluctuations as they use a water tower to cool the condenser


We maintain this type of chiller which is a good choice if the refrigerant is ammonia: should a leak occur it will happen in the machine room- sounding the alarm and shutting down the plant. This type of chiller is also very popular where the refrigerant choice is HFC or HFO

Compact Design

No air cooled condenser leads to a compact design so the location of the plant can be in a plant room with the water tower outside. This makes chiller service easier

Legionnaires Disease

Legionella forms in the water tower and needs to be controlled to prevent an out break. Ultra violet light and chemicals are used along with regular maintenance. Going in a plant room with the water tower blowing in, after a long period of neglect, is not a nice prospect!

Why Choose Us?

Maximus Chillers is an independent business established to provide the highest level of service at a reasonable price. We keep your costs down with practical repairs and service

Case Study

One of our water cooled chiller customers had been told they had to buy new chillers due to R22 having been phased out. Our plan was to easily retrofit the plant to the newer R407c. The oil is not compatible with the new gas so we carried out several oil changes. On run testing the systems, we found no real difference in the running conditions of the plant. Another happy customer!

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Chiller Repair

Repairs can be expensive, that is why we at Maximus Chillers are focused on keeping your costs down

We have years of experience in getting you up and running fast! Read More about our chiller repair service

Chiller Service

The secret to longevity in your water cooled chilling plant is regular chiller service. We take a detailed list of readings in the winter service visit to rectify issues before the summer. If we can rectify the issue during the service visit we don't even put this through the books! Read More about our water cooled chiller service

Chiller Refurbishment

Have you been told a part is no longer available so buy a new chiller?

We at Maximus Chillers can keep going!

We can take an updated part and fit to your existing chiller

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