Chiller Refurbishment & Rebuild

Retrofitting Carel Controller

PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) Service

OEM Controllers

Controllers that come with the chiller can be finicky and prone to nuisance trip outs. Each time it trips out spuriously it costs you the price of a call out to reset it. Parts and service are expensive

Controller Swap Out

Chiller refurbishment by fitting a new controller is easy and cheap. We fit state of the art Carel controls. Carel specialise in controls: they are user friendly and very reliable. For ammonia chiller rebuilds we fit Beijer Electronics. The old controller is disconnected and removed. The transducers and sensors are replaced. The new controller is installed and wired in. Program settings come as default so we only need to tweak the odd one. The machine is then run tested and goes into seamless operation. No more spurious trip outs

Chiller Compressors Rebuilds

As in the above article, if a compressor is not available- a refurbishment is required. Compressor rebuilds are relatively easy. The capacity in kilowatts is worked out and a compressor of the same capacity is selected. The machine is pumped down and ancillaries removed. A lift and shift is arranged and the compressor is lifted out. The mounting is adapted for the new compressor and the new one lifted in. Pipework is also adapted. After leak testing the new compressor is then run tested. It then goes into seamless operation


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