Chiller Retrofitting

R22 Phase Out
This refrigerant can no longer be purchased. There is also a service ban on this refrigerant so you cannot break into the system to carry out repairs. R22 runs on mineral oil, but will also run on synthetic oil- used for R407c. The oil is changed first so that the mineral oil, migrating round the system, has time to return back to the compressor. The refrigerant is then decanted. The oil is changed again and R407c is charged into the system

Carel Controller

PLCs or Programmable Logic Controllers
Manufacturers can ask controls companies to sell them controllers with their own software installed. If so, when you attempt to put the same model of controller on- the inputs and outputs won't line up. Therefore, the chiller needs to have a Carel controller installed. It needs to be rewired according to the new controller. The wiring is wiring disconnected. The transducers and sensors are replaced with new. The new controller is installed wire by wire. The machine is then run tested and goes into seamless operation

Chiller Compressors
As above, if a compressor is not available- a retrofit is required. Compressor retrofits are relatively easy. The capacity in kilowatts is worked out and a compressor of the same capacity is selected. The machine is pumped down and ancillaries removed. A lift and shift is arranged and the compressor is lifted out. The mounting is adapted for the new compressor and the new one lifted in; pipework is also adapted. After pressure testing, the new compressor is now run tested

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