Chiller Upgrade

Centrifugal Chiller Upgrade
Centrifugal Chiller Upgrade

Chiller Upgrade

We at Maximus Chillers can extend the life of your chiller for up to 10 years. We do not have a lust to sell expensive new chillers, the construction of which has a high carbon footprint. With chiller upgrades and regular maintenance we can optimise the efficiency of your chilling plant. No part is obsolete: it can be replaced with a new part. See below for the kind of works we carry out...

Chiller Rebuild

The Controller

Controllers that come with the chiller can be finicky and prone to nuisance trip outs. Each time it trips out spuriously it costs you the price of a call out to reset it. Parts and service are expensive. Over time we can remove the spurious trips through service adjustments and repairs. Better still- upgrade your chiller by fitting a new controller...

Chiller Rebuild by fitting Controller
Chiller Rebuild by fitting Controller

Controller Swap Out

Chiller rebuild by fitting a new controller is easy and cheap. All of your design requirements can be easily programmed into the new controller. We fit state of the art controls. The old controller is disconnected and removed


For HFC, the transducers and sensors are replaced

Beijer Electronics

For ammonia, the sensors can be re-used as the the program can be set to look at the various types

The new controller is fitted and wired in. Now the chiller is rebuilt- it is run tested and goes into seamless operation. An effective chiller repair with no more spurious trip outs

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Chiller Upgrade of Centrifugal Compressor
Chiller Upgrade of Centrifugal Compressor

Chiller Refurbishment

The Compressors

If a compressor is not available- a chiller refurbishment by selecting a different compressor is required. Chiller compressor upgrades are relatively easy. The capacity in kilowatts is worked out and a compressor of the same capacity is selected. The machine is pumped down and ancillaries removed. A lift and shift is arranged and the compressor is lifted out. The mounting is adapted for the new compressor and the new one lifted in. Pipework is also adapted. After leak testing the new machine is given a service. It then goes into seamless operation

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Why choose Us?

With our in house controls and chiller upgrade team- fast chiller rebuilds are carried out. This minimises down time for the minimum disruption to your process

What We Offer

The complete refurbishment of the chiller. Complete with corrosion and weatherproof paint. National and overseas coverage. Our engineers are the best in the industry

Case Study

On a site we look after in the South West, our engineer was changing the controller on a chiller. This was his first chiller refurbishment so it takes a lot of guts! His first task was to rip the wires out of the panel! Not the 3 phase or the common neutral- but everything else. Now the chiller will never work again unless the controller is fitted correctly. After the wiring, the pins on the back of the controller need to be programmed for the machine. Needless to say the chiller upgrade worked. The customer says better than before- well it should do- it is a Maximus Chiller now!

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