Compressor Remanufacturing

P1010003 Compressor Components
Compressor Components

Compressor Repair

We arrange the lift and shift, then remanufacture your compressor in our work shop:

Strip Down

All the parts are laid out on the bench and the bolts immersed in oil


All parts are inspected for wear and tear and a list of required replacement parts is written


When the parts come in, we re-build the compressor using new gaskets and ‘o’ rings

The Clearance of the Bearing

We check this with a feeler gauge and ‘lap’ the bearing where necessary. Not enough oil lubrication will reduce its life

The ‘Run-out’ of the Shaft

We check this with a ‘thou clock’ If the shaft is not spinning true this will also reduce the life of the bearing


The reverse of the strip-down. All screws are tightened to the correct torque with a torque wrench. The compressor is then pressure tested and de-hydrated with a vacuum pump. The correct amount of oil is drawn in- usually whatever the level was when it came in, or half way up the sight glass.

Last but not least

The compressor is sanded down and re-painted battle ship grey

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