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Glycol Process Chiller
Glycol Process Chiller

Glycol Chiller Service, Maintenance and repair

The picture left is a low temperature glycol chiller. We repair this type of chiller and get it working just like new


Where applications have a below (or near) zero temperature- glycol is used as an anti-freeze. Brine is often used in the industry, usually for larger and colder applications. Glycol is a popular anti-freeze. There are various varieties on the market- some of them being developed by the glycol supply companies in house. Propylene is non-toxic and food safe, prices are narrowing between propylene and ethylene so customers are choosing it more and more often. Ethylene is toxic so it cannot be used in conjunction with food production. It tends to be used in dirty and very industrial applications

Service & Maintenance

One of the things we check during a maintenance visit is the glycol level. To do this we use a refractometer to see the freezing point of the water/ glycol solution. Where it is found to be too high- a quote is submitted for the top up unless this can be carried out during the visit. For convenience, a dosing pot is used so the dose can be corrected easily

What We Offer

Chiller Repair

We cover the whole of the UK and have oversees customers too. We arrange same day delivery of parts direct to site

Chiller Service and Maintenance

Have you had your machine looked at recently? They become more dilapidated over time. Nothing that a reasonably priced service visit won't sort out!

Case Study

A large -10 glycol chiller was having Low Pressure problems. After it had been off for a while it ran okay. 5 min in to the run, however, the low pressure would start dropping off at an increasing rate until a LP trip occurred. The previous company had fitted an expansion valve and pressure tested the system. The on site engineer said the glycol was okay "let me check with my refractometer" I said. As I thought- it was low on glycol. The symptoms where of the water/glycol solution 'slushing-up' as it turns into ice. A chiller repair was arranged



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