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Process Chiller Service, Maintenance & Repair

Maximus Chillers Ltd. is a leading company in the repair and overhaul of industrial process chillers. Many customers come over to us after being told to replace the chiller we then get it up and running!


Industrial chillers are used in a diverse range of applications. Some of these include:
• Plastic injection moulding- to cool the mould
• laser cutters- in steel fabrication plants
• Machining tools- to cool the oil
• Chemical production- to achieve a desired temperature in the process
• Laboratories- to cool down x-ray machines and other scientific equipment


Whatever your requirements we will keep your process chillers running to keep you in seamless operation. Repairs can also be arranged during factory shut-down to ensure minimum disruption

Dirty Industrial Environments

These chillers are usually used on heavy industrial sites. The condenser becomes blocked and the filter mat too. The wiring becomes loose with vibration. Just two of the extensive list of checks and adjustments we carry out on a maintenance visit

What We Offer

We are dedicated process chiller engineers. Therefore we understand the water system as well as the fridge system. We carry all the things we need to get the job going- fast!

Case Study

One of our customers was loosing production on a plastic injection moulding machine. The system had lost it's gas. Our engineer quickly identified the leak and started with the oxy-acetylene brazing. He arranged for the refrigerant to be sent to site to save time. On run testing the process ran perfectly. Another happy customer! 

Why Choose Us?

When you are having a crisis- our engineers are in their element- they do crisis for a living! We will identify the fault correctly- so the repair goes easy 

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