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Industrial Process Chiller Service
Industrial Process Chiller Service

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Process Chiller Service, Maintenance & Repair

Maximus Chillers Ltd is a leading company in the service, maintenance and repair of industrial process chillers


Whatever your requirements we will keep your industrial chillers running to keep you in seamless operation. Repairs can be arranged during factory shutdown to ensure minimum disruption. Industrial process chiller maintenance will extend the life of your plant


Process chillers are used in a diverse range of applications. Some of these include:

• Hydrocarbon liquefaction on oil rigs
• Large scale chemical production in factories- to achieve a desired temperature in the process
• Plastic injection moulding- to cool the mould
• laser chillers- in steel fabrication plants
• Laboratories- to cool down x-ray machines and other scientific equipment
• Machining tools- to cool the oil

Why Choose Us?

When you are having a crisis- our engineers are in their element- they do crisis for a living! We will identify the fault correctly- so the repair goes easy. Water chiller service, chilling plant maintenance- Maximus Chillers

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What We Offer for Industrial Process Chillers

Industrial Process Chiller Repair

UK and overseas coverage

Same day delivery of parts direct to site

Dedicated industrial process chiller repair engineers: we understand the process water loop as well as the refrigeration system and controls

Industrial Process Chiller Service

Why not have a reasonably priced industrial process chiller service visit? Especially if you have not had one in a while- we will get your chiller running better than when it came out of the factory!

Chiller service and chiller repair at Maximus Chillers

Case Study of Industrial Process Chillers

We recently attended a call out to an industrial process chiller in a plastic injection moulding factory. The industrial process chiller had gone off and before the maintenance engineers noticed, the water system had got up to 91° Almost hot enough for a cup of tea!

Water system Draining

Before fault finding could be carried out, the water system had to be drained down and re-filled. The system was found to be short of gas

Leak Detector

No leak could be detected on the industrial process chiller but still the nitrogen pressure test was going down. Our engineer decided to remove the inlet and outlet to the evaporator, blank one end off and fit a blank with a gauge fitting on the other. His suspicions were confirmed when the gauge went up water side as nitrogen was added fridge side. The evaporator had failed

Replacement Evaporator and Dehydration

A replacement evaporator was sent to site next day and the dehydration process was started. This is a necessary part of an industrial process chiller repair so as to remove water from the system

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