Chiller Service

Chiller Service

The Approach

During a chiller service visit it is very important to know the small difference on a fridge system. While we are on the visit, we work out this value as part of giving your chiller a full health check


This is the value of the high side of the system. This value is worked out during the chiller service so as to ensure the fridge system is running 100% 

Chiller Service Faults

A lot of chiller faults can be serviced with the stock of parts and materials that the engineer carries in his car. While we are on the visit: we don’t even put this through the books- it is all part of the service. As far as we are concerned, you are paying for us to be on site and we will do anything to improve the condition of your chiller. This is just part of the way we deal with the customer- you! If we can keep your costs down and keep you happy- that makes us happy!

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Industrial Process Chiller
Industrial Process Chiller

Why Choose Us for Chiller Service?

We service all types of chillers from centrifs to small process chillers. We are dedicated to quality, so we aim for minimal warranty issues. A job done wrong is harmful to our reputation. If any warranty issues are identified, steps are taken to improve on quality to iron out the issue. Therefore, our fault finding is done accurately and the repair done correctly 

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What We Offer for Chiller Service

National and global chiller service

Any chiller- any problem- any part- any refrigerant- Maximus Chillers

State of the art equipment

The best engineers of the Industry

Case Study of Chiller Service

On a site in Northampton, a chiller looked like it was short of gas, but to a discerning eye it needed service- the EEV had failed. The mechanical part of the Electronic Expansion Valve had jammed up causing the chiller to trip out. A relatively easy chiller repair as it was just a straight swap. The chiller was pumped down and valved off. The EEV driver was okay. The valve clamped on to the body with a knife edge seal. This particular valve is prone to failure- the other 3 systems across both 0.5 mw chillers has had one fail too

Chiller Shell and Tube Evaporator
Chiller Shell and Tube Evaporator

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Evaporator Freeze-Up

The worst chiller service issue is an evaporator freeze-up. It can happen for various reasons

What happens when the safeties fail?

The compressor carries on running. The evaporator turns into a solid block of ice. Ice has a larger size than water, so as it expands it buckles then bursts the evaporator. The compressor still carries on running. Refrigerant leaks into the water system until the pressure in the fridge system and the water system equalise. Then, water is sucked into the fridge system. It gets sucked into the compressor and round to the condenser. Compressors cannot compress a liquid, so a compressor smash-up occurs

How do we service the chiller?

The compressor or compressors need to be re-built. The evaporator needs to have the burst tubes identified then plugged. The system needs to be dehydrated using a vacuum pump which takes several months. On a smaller chiller, the service costs outweigh a replacement- so the chiller is ruined

What can be done to prevent this?

Regular chiller maintenance is essential to stop this happening and to prevent other small problems becoming big ones. If, however, your chiller does need a repair-  we at Maximus Chillers will get your chiller running better than when it came out of the factory!

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