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Carbon Dioxide Service and Maintenance

R744 Refrigerant

Natural refrigerants are becoming more and more popular. This will increase over the next 12 years due to the HFC phase down. Carbon dioxide/ R744 refrigerant was one of the first refrigerants. As modern technology is evolving, this refrigerant is becoming more and more efficient in higher ambient temperatures. It uses a transcritical gas cooler (or termed as a condenser if the ambient is below 20 degrees or so) it rejects the heat in the high side. Even when the refrigerant has not completely condensed, there is enough latent heat in the low side to make it a very effective refrigerant

Booster Packs

We service & maintain booster packs, they have low temperature compressors that feed -20° cabinets and medium temperature compressors that feed 2-5° chilled cabinets

Service Second to None

We are adept in the sensitivities of the repair of high pressure systems. Our skilled engineers know how to prevent the sublimation of the refrigerant when breaking into the system

What We Offer

Nationwide coverage: in the UK one of our engineers is only a call out away. We fly out parts and equipment anywhere in the world- the world got smaller with Maximus Chillers!

Mobile workshop. Each engineer has an estate car with all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job going- fast!

Years of experience in the repair of CO2 systems

Why Choose Us?

We provide a better service and don't charge as much. We are a non political CO2 company that will exceed your expectations!

Case Study

One of our customers runs a chain of supermarkets. He had the main CO2 plant go down in the night at the weekend. We already had the emergency plan in place to use our mobile cold room and freezer room. The delivery of the stand-by cold stores were only a couple of hours after the initial call, therefore, all the food was saved. On the following morning, our engineer diagnosed the fault: a failed bypass valve. The part was ordered and fitted on the Wednesday. Another happy customer!

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