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Data Centre Cooling Service
Data Centre Cooling Service

The Service We Offer for Data Centre Cooling

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Optimise Energy Efficiency

A system running out of normal operating conditions uses a lot of electricity. Often, in this condition, a data centre cooling system never goes off. During the service, gas charge and heat exchanger cleanliness are checked as routine- these are the more obvious things. Also, detailed Tick Sheet is completed optimising energy efficiency

National and Global Data Centre Cooling Service

Our network of engineers can usually get to you in 4 hours in the United Kingdom. Next day call out is recommended as the engineer is fresh out of a nearby hotel, having travelled down the night before.


Maximus Chillers has customers as far afield as The United States, Moscow and the Middle East. All parts and materials are pre-shipped to the location, ready for the data centre cooling service visit

Same Day Delivery of Parts

Engineers driving round the suppliers? At Maximus Chillers we think differently. By arranging to have the parts sent to site, our engineer can get on with the data centre cooling service. Our suppliers have a network of branches around the country: if one branch does not have the part- another will. The part can be immediately dispatched and arrive on site in a couple of hours

Compressor Swap Out

Maximus Chillers provide a data centre cooling service that is second to none. The most popular cooling system we service is the down flow unit. It is popular because of efficiency: it blows through the data centre mezzanine floor, up through grills and up through the computer racks. The return air is sucked back in from the top, which is where it rises to anyway, as warm air is thinner


Test the tester then check the machine is dead. Lock off

Refrigerant Decant

With this kind of data centre cooling service it is necessary to get the gas out. The refrigerant is condensed in the pump out unit, which is connected to the recovery cylinders


The compressor is removed and replaced. It is soldered in and the pipework is pressure tested. A vacuum pump is fitted to both sides of the system and 1 Torr is pulled to remove any moisture and non condensables


A way of determining the charge is to put around half in then keep charging it to the liquid side of the evaporator until the superheat comes down to operating conditions. A detailed data centre cooling service sheet is completed. The machine goes into seamless operation

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Maintenance of Data Centre Cooling Systems

We at Maximus Chillers have the capability to extend the life of your data centre cooling systems with regular maintenance see Case Study below. Even if it means fitting a different controller it is not a big deal for our highly skilled engineers. Where parts are obsolete, we select the correct new version then fit it to the existing machine. On a maintenance visit we nip small problems in the bud before they become big problems. This keeps your data centre nice and cool at all times!

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Data Centre Cooling Maintenance
Data Centre Cooling Maintenance

Case Study

Government Security Clearance

Maximus Chillers is an approved contractor for Her Majesty's Government. For this secure site: two of our engineers have deep level Security Clearance and vetting

Maintenance of Down Flow Units

The previous company, maintaining the data centre cooling systems, gave a quote to replace the units as the refrigerant is R22. Our engineer noticed the compressors were running on POE, or ester oil. Therefore, there is no need to replace the units. Ester oil works with the drop in refrigerant R407c. The system's life was maintained with a gas leak repair. The remaining R22 decanted and recycled

Controller Maintenance

After the machine was up and running, the customer pointed out that occasionally the controller shuts down causing overheating of the data centre. We easily fitted a new controller, maintaining the lifespan of this data centre cooling system

Maintenance Schedule

At the end of this job, as with all Maximus Chillers Jobs, a full maintenance of the data centre cooling plant was carried out. This more than anything else is the secret to the longevity of your plant

After Sales Support

After the visit the customer enjoyed the full support of our Technical Support Desk. This is available free of charge to all our maintenance contract customers. He rang regarding the programming of the controller and the full user guide with tutorials was sent out 

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Data Centre Cooling Repair
Data Centre Cooling Repair

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Data Centre Cooling Repair

Expansion Valve

A data centre cooling repair that can catch an inexperienced engineer out is the expansion valve. This is because the symptoms are nearly the same as a system running short of refrigerant: low back pressure and high superheat. The only difference is a clear sight glass with a solid column of refrigerant behind it. This is because the refrigerant is stuck behind the failed expansion valve

Power Element

Usually the power element fails on top, this pushes against the spring to open the valve when the superheat goes up. Some thermostatic expansion valves can be dis-assembled and the power element replaced separately, others come as one complete unit. Usually they are brass so silver solder is used to make the joint

Pre-set Orifice

A thermostatic expansion valve comes pre set to 5° superheat so the orifice does not need to be adjusted through the whole of its life

Data Centre Cooling Faults?

Maximus Chillers will carry out fast effective data centre cooling repairs to get you up and running fast!

Isolation of the Fire Alarm

Most often all the cooling components, apart from the condenser are inside the data centre. Where hot works are required, the fire alarm is isolated to carry out the repair. A fire extinguisher is to hand and a 1/2 hour fire watch is conducted. This time can be increased in line with the on site regulations

RAMS Risk Assessment Method Statement

As with all Maximus Chillers repairs: a detailed, site specific, job specific RAMS is composed. Data centre cooling is a critical industry so control measures are used to ensure there is no disruption to operation during repairs

Permit to Work

Side be side with the above, the customer will issue a permit to work detailing the scope of work in accordance with the data centre's requirements. This reduces the risks of the repairs being carried out

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