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Water Cooled Ammonia Chiller
Water Cooled Ammonia Chiller


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Ammonia Chiller Maintenance

Industrial refrigeration is the core of our business. Ammonia chiller system components are packaged on a skid. This allows easy access for the service technician to carry out works


The on-going ammonia chiller maintenance is usually carried out monthly on critical plant. Three or four times a year where there are redundant systems

Water System Flow Rate

The flow rate needs to be monitored by the engineer to ensure the chiller runs effectively. Problems arise when the correct flow is out of specification causing chiller trip outs or freeze ups

Compressor Loading

The compressor needs to run in normal operating conditions to load effectively. Where system issues, such as oil or refrigerant shortage, will cause the compressor to run outside of operating conditions- maintenance visit is required

Ammonia Chiller Service and Repair Kit

Maximus Chillers are experts in the field of ammonia chiller service and repairs. We have state of the art ammonia safety equipment. Each engineer attends site with an ammonia kit-bag

Breathing Apparatus

Ammonia grade breathing apparatus is provided, tested, certificated and fit tested to the individual engineer


Our engineers wear full length overalls to protect exposed skin against ammonia splashes. Ammonia grade gloves and fit tested goggles are worn routinely

NH3 Leak Detector

Each engineer has an electronic ammonia detector which alarms above the high level limit, this warns the engineer he has reached his exposure time limit

Chemical Suits

Chemical suits are provided as part of the kit

Ammonia Warning Signs

Ammonia warning signs are provided to hang on the entrance and exit to the machine room. This is to warn other authorised engineers and the end user that the industrial refrigeration plant is being worked on

Ammonia Chiller Service
Ammonia Chiller Service



0161 327 2838

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What We Offer

Better service... less money. Excellent customer service does not cost anything. If we have a problem, it is our duty to sort it out

Case Study

We recently attended a chiller factory in Denmark. We were shown through the process of production and were shown videos of a retrofit. Looking at the design calculations for ammonia as opposed to other refrigerants- it is by far the best refrigerant for most applications

Why Choose Us?

Ammonia chillers are our bread and butter! These machines are the type we work most with. You can rest assured you are in the safe hands of trained professionals

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