Ammonia Chillers

Water Cooled Ammonia Chiller

Industrial refrigeration is the core of our business. The system components are packaged on a skid. Therefore, installation is quick and easy. The on-going maintenance is usually carried out three or four times a year- although bespoke maintenance schedules can be tailor made to your requirements. The difference in temperature from in to out is designed usually to six degrees- this allows the chiller to function most effectively. Problems arise when this delta T goes up due to blocked strainers and pressurisation unit issues. The water system has to have enough volume so the water takes five minutes to get round. This is to prevent short cycling of the compressor and to allow it to load effectively. If the water system (or glycol as the case may be) is too small, a buffer vessel is used to add volume

Countdown for R404a/ R422d Service Ban Above 40 Tonnes of CO2 Equivalent 


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