Ammonia Refrigerant Recovery

Ammonia refrigeration repair safety clothing

Ammonia Refrigerant Reclaim

We can arrange the reclaim and re-charging of the system after service repairs. This we do on machines up to 400kg of refrigerant

Ammonia Refrigerant Disposal

We recover and dispose of anhydrous ammonia from industrial refrigeration systems that have up to 400kg of ammonia

Vapour Compression

We are mainly requested to recover ammonia from vapour compression systems used in factories

Gas Fired Absoption Chillers

Another application we work in is the recovery of ammonia from gas fired absorption machines. These are generally used for the air conditioning of buildings


We have bespoke ammonia recovery equipment. We have all the necessary ancillaries to get from the plant to the recovery vessel

What We Offer

Nationwide coverage

State of the art equipment

Years of industry experience

Professional service

Case Study

A Factory in the Midlands was being relocated. The customer asked us to come in and decommission a small ammonia plant with 58kg of refrigerant. Due to the small size we decided to use our small recovery system. This reduced the cost for the customer. The disposal of the refrigerant was arranged at our recycling facility in the North West 

Why Choose Us?

Nothing is too much trouble for us to provide you with the service you need. Risk Assessment Method Statements or COSHH Statements are sent in as required. Insurance Schedules can be sent in. We offer the highest level of service and professionalism

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