Ammonia Refrigeration

Reciprocating Compressor in an Ammomia Refrigeration Plant
NH3 Compressor

Large bespoke systems are put together usually on food production sites. The compressors are installed in the machine room and can be valved off individually when they have failed. This means the remaining compressors can carry on supplying discharge gas to the condensers. A popular kind of condenser is the evaporative condenser in a Baltimore Aircoil cooling tower. After condensing, the liquid ammonia goes to liquid receivers before being supplied to the process. This kind of application can have tonnes of anhydrous ammonia in the system so the regulations require the plant to be contained in the machine room with no unauthorised access to personnel. A wind sock is used to determine wind direction in the case of a leak and  ammonia refuges are sited at strategic positions around the site. Industrial refrigeration sites often use R404a and R422d (a drop in used to get a bit more life out of an R22 system) As we know 2020 is the start of the service ban for these refrigerants so this is a good opportunity to clear it out and install more nh3

Countdown for R404a/ R422d Service Ban Above 40 Tonnes of CO2 Equivalent


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