Laser Cutting

Laser Cutter Chiller Service

Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting

Close Control

Laser cutting is a niche within the chiller industry. The chillers responsible for cooling laser cutters are close control to keep the oscillator and the mirrors at a specific temperature. Therefore, the chiller quite often has 2 tanks with a set point for each tank. If the chiller starts to fail, the laser cutter will shut down to protect itself

Pre-programmed Controller

The controller for the chiller is quite complex so as to fulfil the requirements of the laser cutter. It can be bought pre-programmed from the chiller manufacturer and the parameters can be adjusted to suit the particular conditions on-site and the specific application of the laser cutter


It is imperative that the chiller and laser cutter are maintained to the highest standard to allow seamless operation. We know how much laser cutters cost and how much you want to be back in production. We will get you up and running- fast!

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