Hydrocarbon Chillers

R1270 Propylene Chillers 260-kw-chillers-mn

R1270 or Propylene Chillers are suitable for low and medium temperature applications. R290 or Propane is often used for medium temperatures. Both of these are HC refrigerants. The refrigerant is a flammable natural liquid that is refined to become refrigerant grade. There has recently been an increase in the use of integral chilled display fridges in supermarkets running on hydrocarbons. The water-cooled condenser is supplied by a water system going outside to another hydrocarbon chiller. The outside chiller is installed away from electrical sources of ignition. It has a leak detection system which shuts down the plant and turns the fans on to disperse the refrigerant. Studies show a significant saving in service, installation and energy savings of this design as opposed to other natural refrigerants in the same application. That is not to say hydrocarbons are better than CO2 and ammonia- it all depends on the application

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