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Propane Chiller Maintenance

Zero Global Warming Potential

Propane or R290 is becoming increasingly popular because it is a natural refrigerant, with a zero global warming potential. It is a highly flammable refrigerant so repairs are carried out by our hydrocarbon trained engineers


During the design of the plant, care has to be taken not to position the machine near any sources of ignition. There are regulations regarding the maximum permissible refrigerant charge in a given environment too

Intrinsically Safe

In carrying out the repairs- our engineers have spark resistant equipment and a fan to disperse any refrigerant traces


All work is carried out in accordance with our site-specific Risk Assessment/ Method Statement. You can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of trained professionals in this specialist field of the industry!

Countdown for R404a Service Ban Above 10kg of Refrigerant


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